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Ecological Laboratories Pond Dechlorinator Plus Gallon

Condition: New
Price: $43.38

The ultimate in water conditioning. Will instantly dechlorinate and detoxify your pond water! Dechlorinator Plus neutralizes chlorine and breaks the chloramine bond while not scavenging oxygen as other dechlorinators do. Dechlorinator Plus will render toxic pollutants harmless (including iron, copper, lead, zinc and free iodine). Use Dechlorinator Plus with your regular partial water changes and when replacing lost or evaporated water. Highly concentrated for maximum dechlorination, detoxification and water conditioning. Instantly neutralizes chlorine, chloramine, chlorine dioxide, copper and other heavy metals while not scavenging oxygen as other dechlorinators do. Contains a pH buffer. Contains 2 slime coat ingredients for replacement and conditioning as well as reducing ammonia burn in pond fish. Contains added electrolytes for stress reduction in fish . Can be used in both fresh and saltwater. Will not harm fish or plants.
  • Removes chlorine (up to 4 mg/L total chlorine
  • Destroys chloramines
  • Detoxifies heavy metals
  • Adds a multi-part skin slime-replacer
  • Adds essential electrolytes
  • Boosts alkalinity

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